Hummingbird Shamanic Summit
    Formerly The Spokane Shamanic Summit                          
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              The Theme for The 2015 Humminbird Shamanic Summit is... 

3rd Annual North west 

Shamans Summit

What is shamanism ? I often think of shamanism as a form of prayer. (Kyle Bailey)  This summit may be for you if you would like to learn more about:

A...your higher self

B...compassion your life

D...dream yoga

E...kundalini yoga

F...the medicine wheel

G...shamanic energy healing

H...your relationship with mother earth

I...shamanic song and story

The summit will have 13 to 15 shamanic and yoga presenters. The main theme this year is the HIGHER SELF. Every one with a friendly open heart is welcome to attend the summit.3rd Annual North west Shamans Summit "The Higher SelfThird Annual Hummingbird Shamanic Summit





                           "The Higher Self"

Date: May 29th-31st 2015 (You can arrive on the 28th after 5pm, and depart June 1st)

Place: Kettle Falls WA 99141 on Partially Forested Private Land and we will have a Sacred and Community Fire!


What is shamanism? I often think of shamanism as a form of prayer. (Kyle Bailey)  This summit may be for you if you would like to learn more about..

A..your Higher Self


C..Co-Creating your life

D..Dream Yoga

E..Kundalini Yoga

F..The Medicine Wheel

G..Shamanic Energy Healing

H..your relationship with Mother Earth

I..Shamanic Song and Story

The Summit will have 13 to 15 Shamanic and Yoga Presenters. The main theme this year is the HIGHER SELF. Every one with a friendly open heart is welcome to attend the summit.

New this year...

Two Hour Volunteer Shamanic Healing Circle

Panel Discussion-Vital Shamanic Questions Of Our Times


Our Presenters for this year are...

KEYNOTE SPEAKER-Peter Turamukame, Marakame, Nahua Granicero, Healing singer.                        Presenting: experiential approach to understanding how we are a part of nature.                                                    Contact Info


Jerry Collins-Medicine warrior, healer Presenting: The Medicine Wheel and the "Higher Self" Contact Info.


Swami Yasodananda- Presenting: Kundalini consciousness 


Shamanic practitioners- Pathfinders & Elders of the Sagh'ic; Stephanie Mills, Nataraj Brewer, MaryJane Richardson will be offering ‘Wrap About’ a traditional Sagh’ic Mountain healing for Warriors.

Nataraj Brewer  Presenting: ‘Elemental Bones’ an ancestral prayer ceremony to the Great Totem Spirits
Geoff Dick Presenting: ‘Transformation in Midflight’ to turn our stories into mythic seeds to motivate our lives all the above can be contacted at and further information at

Rev Seanair Jeff Stockton of The Sagh’ic Presenting: Song is Ecstacy


Rev Seanair Dr. John-Luke Edwards of The Sagh’ic will be offering ‘The Swaying Walk’, a traditional ritual to remove and disperse intrusive energies (sometimes called ghosts); This is an Ancestral ceremony of the Sagh’ic and traditionally participants are asked to wear white please. Contact info.


Janet Brown- Presenting: Yasodhara Dream Yoga 


Jessica Thomas- is a Physical Therapy Aide, CNA, works with Essential Oils, Body Alignment, and Yoga  Presenting: Yoga and the Power of Alignment Contact info.


Kyle Bailey-Experiential Toltec Shaman, Shamanic Priest of the Egyptian Mysteries, and Founder of The Hummingbird Shamanic Summit & The Northwest Shamans Summit. Presenting: A experiential approach to co-creating from the Authentic self Contact Info. or E-mail:


Rob Murphy-Shaman Initiated in Brazilian Quichuan path of light, Green Path Medicine, and The Makununaiman Traditions Presenting: The Soul and The Ancestors convert, a journey of rebirth Contact info.


Jea' Nah Jens Beauty Medicine Woman- "Wisdom Keeper” is Clairvoyant, Intuitive and a empathetic Life Coach. Sharing “Beyond Tarot and More Card Wheel Creation”. She gives a multi-faceted, deck diversified reading with clairvoyant insights. Presenting: Fire Ceremony En-Light in your heart Contact Info. 509


Quality- is a Dream Master and Alchemist
Presenting: The Energetic Anatomy of the Higher Self
Conact Info.


afri-I-Sound Healing.
afri-I, has been teaching sound healing for more than 20 years

Amy Jois a master songwriter, story teller, comedian, and a pretty good teacher too.  
Talk Title: Ancient Truths and wisdom
The same energy that created a flower, created the great pyramids of Egypt. All it took, was the focusing of thought and desire. The masters have begun to share with us the recipe of aligning your thoughts and your frequency.
Singing portion: As a singer Amy Jo has performed for audences all over the world. She has toured with Neale Donald Walsh and even given a private performance for the Dali Lama. Her songs are packed with messages of love and healing.



Tent space is limited, first come, first serve. For those that do not want to stay in a tent, 6.5 miles away four person suites, call 509-732-6123. Or 10 miles away Cabins call 509-732-6686 


Please Bring

Tent, Warm Clothing, Sleeping Bag, and Flash Light



the cost includes tent space, 9 meals, and access to presentations, feel free to bring a non refrigerated picnic basket/cooler of your favorite food. The 3 day summit is $165.00 if paid by March 5th 2015. After March 5th the cost is $195.00 or $70.00 a day. We take credit cards, checks, and money orders, send to Kyle L. Bailey PO Box 257 Lacrosse WA 99143


The Hummingbird Shamanic Summit is a Non-Alcohol and Non-Drug Heart Centered Community!!!


Presenters Notice

Discounted price for Presenters of The Summit Gathering is $150.00 paid by February 21st 2014. 

Presenters can sell spiritual related items, such as books & music.

Presenters please provide a 3-4 sentence bio. of self, submit a 200 to 500 word summary of presentation, and a photo of yourself, this will be used on our website and marketing materials.

and e-mail this to  


Any questions contact Kyle


Come Journey to your Higher Self!






The theme for the 2015 North west Shamans Summit is the Higher Self. With this Higher Self theme in mind. I have decided to write a article entitled The Higher Self.
As a experiential shaman , these are some of my thoughts and experiences with regard to the Higher Self. First of all the Higher Self is the Authentic self. The authentic self or the higher self comes from the HEART , not the mind. The authentic or higher self can not be fully explained on the intellectual level. The roots of the higher self/authentic self , come from a place of spiritual silence and stillness. In order to better understand the higher self or the authentic self I will also talk about the LOWER SELF. In large part the lower self starts with our birth. After birth , family , friends , government , and school socialize and actualize us. We are told who we are , from many outside sources. We are told what are place in life is , from many external sources. Our so called limitations ,  are explained to us time , after time.
In shamanic Toltec terms , the lower self is the Tonal self , or the daily routine thought processes. The Tonal mind , or lower self focuses almost solely on the rational thought  process. The rational thought process has its proper place. How ever most other forms of perception are mostly unknown , or undervalued. Rational , or logical thought are greatly valued in life.
Some of the many other forms of worthy perception are
In short , only one tiny area of perception is given great value , the Newtonian mind set of two plus two is always four. And I will only believe it , after I see it. The Tonal or daily mind set leaves out about 98 % of all other forms of perception. The Tonal mind often has the need to name things out of fear , in order to control every thing. 
The HIGHER SELF ,  or the AUTHENTIC SELF , comes from  spiritual silence. In order to come from your Higher self or in Toltec terms your Nagual self . Release all that you know. And lower your awareness into a place of silence in your heart. Meditating , or praying will also strengthen your Higher self , or Nagaul self.
One easy way to find out if you are operating from the lower self or the higher self. Look within , if you feel limitation , or fear. You are operating within the lower self. How ever , if you feel at peace , you may be operating with in the higher or authentic self. Both the lower self and the higher self have value. We all grow at our own rate. It is best if we all love our self's  unconditionally.
The higher self , is very Gnostic , and intuitive. The Higher Self , has few , if any limitations.
If you plan on coming to the North west Shamans Summit.
Please r.s.v.p. me at this email before march 2015. If you have any summit payment questions please email or phone me.
Ps , the North west Shamans Summit will have 15 presenters, an